AI and Art

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In this article, we will try to open new horizons and ask some questions about AI in the process of creating new art. Last few weeks we can see a lot of AI art examples on social networks and a lot of them are incredible. Some of them are unbelievably good and precise and very hard to find errors or some wrong lines or colors, ….

This technology start to be used in the 1950s and 1960s, when computer graphics were used to generate simple patterns and shapes. ARON created abstract paintings for complex art through the 1980s and 1990s. One of that examples is shown below.

AARON Ai Generated image
AARON Ai Generated image

Today, AI-generated art is used in various fields, including architecture, fashion, film… AI algorithms are used to create realistic images and animations and its starting to get better and better. One of that examples is DALL·E 2 by OpenAI, DALL·E 2 generates images using only a textual prompt given by the user. That’s the category where I am impressed/fascinated and afraid at the same time. The speed of evolution of algorithms is very good and the images are magnificent. With a few words, we can get some amazing pictures like for example „High-quality photo of a monkey astronaut“

High-quality photo of a monkey astronaut

We can see another community of Ai generated images called Midjourney. It’s a text-to-image Ai where your imagination is the only limit, they say. A showcase gallery leaves me breathless and improving with every day…

Example 1 - Midjourney showcase gallery
Example 1 – Midjourney showcase gallery
Example 2 - Midjourney showcase gallery
Example 2 – Midjourney showcase gallery

Imagine a procedure where we add some text descriptions like for example: „image of a bacon apple. sweaty with a green leaf under orange lights. in the style of 3d render scene“ and get this image.

Bacon Apple
Bacon Apple

or even simpler

„Snoop dog with a dog head“ and get

Snoop dog as a dog
Snoop dog as a dog

This is just a small piece and it’s mind-blowing. If AI continues to develop as it has been, the future of classic artists can be very unpredictable. Maybe we need to set some borders or we should ask ourselves whether AI will replace graphic designers? Or can Ai replace artists? One is for sure AI will be an important part of every aspect of our life, and it’s not being that far future.

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