All You Need to Do if SSD HDD Suddenly Stopped Working

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Everyone nightmare is when SSD or HDD full of data stopped working or die. In this post i will try to give you some solutions about that problem.

You need to pay attention on symptoms, how HDD SSD working. Is he freezing or give blue screen of death or something else. Is he disappeared from BIOS and after a while he is come back or just making noise when working. All this things can be important when you troubleshoot a problem.

If your SSD stopped working first you check if BIOS recognized him. If yes then you have a big chance to recover and save your data. To check that you need to go in BIOS ( press F2 or Del or F1 on some laptops ) and try to find SATA settings and see if your SSD connected SATA port or not ( see picture below ).

BIOS - SATA Configuration CheckBIOS – SATA Configuration Check

If he is connected then you can simply boot system from Live CD/DVD or USB and access to your data. To do that i use Hiren’s Boot or Ubuntu then start Operating system from media and copy your data on external HDD or something like that.

If his not connected then you first try to replace SATA cable. If this is not working then try to change SATA slot on motherboard. If this don’t give needed results then you can take down SSD from your computer and put this in some external case, then connect on computer and try to access to your data.

External - Hard Disc Box
External – Hard Disc Box

If SSD appear but not fully or load just system partition or have activity but don’t give you access to partitions then as a last resort I’d recommend putting the drive in cold and dry environment for a little bit. Take care to minimise condensation and after you reduce his temperature you can try connect it on your computer and try to access your data. You need to be fast because SSD will increased temperature with activity and will shutdown again.

If all of this options failed you should consider Data Recovery Company but you must know that recover data from SSD is very expensive.

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