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Problem with adding HP LaserJet M102 on Windows 7 – Won’t install

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A few day ago i bought a brand new HP LaserJet M102 printer but when i try to add him on Windows 7 OS i have the problem. I try three  different way to install the printer. I have tried installation through the CD. I have tried installtion through the online installation process. I have tried a manual installation by downloading the driver from online HP web portal but all attempts failed – never fully install the printer.

I was certainly not satisfied with last generation of HP printer including series like HP LaserJet M130  – M134, HP Laser Jet M227 , …  compared to earlier series HP LaserJet M127, HP LaserJet M125, ...  this is a much worse edition of the printers. Printer with two toner for the regular user not friendly. Alos MFC Printers not work properly on Linux OS especialy Scanner. With the last version of driver this situation has slightly improved but when you buy printer from HP you expect that everything work fine and without problems.

However if you have problem with adding printer like HP LaserJet M102 you need to do this steps.

Step 1. Go to Start – Devices and Printer – Add printer – On the picture below you  will see popup window Add Printer and choose Add a local printer and click on Next.

Devices nad Printers - Add printer
Devices nad Printers – Add printer

Step 2. Now on the next window setup all like on picture and click Next

Chose a printer port
Devices and Printers – Chose a printer port

Step 3. On the next window click on Have Disk.. – Browse… and find folder with drivers on your computer. Find Autorun.inf and click Open then Ok. In the list you will see name of your printer selected then click Next.

Davices and Printers - HP divers selected
Davices and Printers – HP divers selected

Step 4. Now add name of your printer and click next. You will see installing window and in few seconds appear new window with sharing options for added printer. Fill fields and click next then you see window with message You’ve successfully added <Your Printer Name>.

Devices and printers - Successfully added printer
Devices and printers – Successfully added printer

Click on Finish and that is it!

If you have error like on picture below just type regedit in run and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows click right click on folder Windows go to Permissions.. and tick the box Allow for Full Control and Read, then click Apply and click OK to save the change. Restart computer and then try to define Default Printer.

error 0x00000709
Error 0x00000709

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