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Classic Skype Announced End of Life 1st September

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Classic Skype End of Life 1st September

Microsoft announced the end of support for Classic Skype on September 1st which means that Skype we were used is die and no longer available.

“Skype 7 (Skype classic) to be discontinued from 1st September 2018 – upgrade to the new Skype 8”

Microsoft, 2018

With this announcement, Microsoft start the era of Skype that needs to be updated every 7 days. An era of Skype that can not backup your contact list and where you need 10 minutes to find the button to add friend in your contact list.

Good and simple Skype goes into the past and users who was got used to it will have to either adapt to the new Skype and get used to its not very simple options or to look for another solution to communicate with friends and associates.

In addition to frequent updates that know to be real pain in the ass in administering user accounts ( due to frequent updates and not the ability to use old versions, you should often install every new version which is additional job for system administrators ) skype which we all have to use and which has not changed much except that it denied some options and changed the design that all of us was liked.

In anticipation of the new skype, we hope that Microsoft will be able to see enough
( and save user ) that in addition to several versions of the Skype interfaces add at least Skype Classic Interface.

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